Seersucker is this puckered fabric. Traditionally, this fabric comes striped, and the most popular color combination is light blue and white. Originally this fabric was made from 100% pure cotton, but today you can get the blended (linen, silk) seersucker fabric as well.

The unique feature of this fabric is its crinkling effect that is attained by producing tension in the fibers. These crinkles are so stable that it’s hard to eliminate them even with iron. Stepping forward from the traditional strip designs, the seersucker fabric is now available in solids and checks regardless of color or pattern.

History of Seersucker Fabric

This fantastic fabric originates from India, where the word “Sheer” means milk, and “Shukkar” describe the brown sugar extracted from sugar cane.

The name reflects the original form of this cloth. After India, the fabric also gained massive popularity in Europe in the 18th century and even in the US.

This fabric was first prepared on a large scale by Haspel in New Orleans, where it is still being produced.

Uses of Seersucker Fabric

The huge advantage of this fabric is that it’s made of cotton and very lightweight; therefore, it’s very popular in the summertime. The uniqueness of this fabric makes it the must-have item in your closet.

Besides making suits, this fabric is also used in making covers (beds, tables), curtains, upholstery, etc. As the fabric doesn’t need to iron daily, it becomes pretty convenient to use them for large coverings.

Characteristics of Seersucker Fabric

The seersucker fabric has the following characteristics;

1. Densely Woven Cotton Fabric

The seersucker fabric is known for its woven cotton nature. This fabric is made from pure cotton, with two fibers interlacing at the right angle to create the bubbly fabric. That bubbly appearance gives dense nature to the fabric.

2. Feedsack Material

The seersucker fabric is best known for its feedsack properties. The reason for using this fabric as feedscak is its light and breathable nature, while the woven bubby feature makes them soft and ideal feedsack material.

3. Warmer Climate Fabric

Cotton is known as a summer fabric, and when it comes to pure cotton like seersucker, you can wear them in every warm climate. As the suit is an essential business dress code, you cannot ignore your professional look just because of the weather.

However, in warm weather, it becomes pretty challenging to wear a suit unless it is made from a light and breathable material, like seersucker. That is why the seersucker is most commonly used in making suits and summer dresses.

It can also be used as seersucker swim fabric because of its lightweight and breathable design.

4. Puckered Effect

The only thing that makes seersucker fabric unique from other cotton materials is its puckered nature. Puckered means constricted fabric that comes with wrinkles. And these effects are the signature element of seersucker fabric which eliminate the need to iron the fabric after every wash.


Seersucker fabric is now available in various colors and patterns and one wide market to check this fabric collection is Alibaba. So, if you want to start your own clothing business or need this fabric to make your dress, you can place your order on Alibaba. Hopefully, this article has cleared all your confusion regarding this fantastic fabric.

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