It may come as a surprise to some people, but a heated toilet seat is a thing! It is something that should have been invented a long time ago but we often overlooked it. There’s nothing wrong with getting maximum comfort when sitting on the toilet, especially in cold winter months. The chilling feel of cold toilet seats can make the entire experience unbearable. For some, a heated toilet seat is a luxury, but it doesn’t always have to be so!

Benefits of a heated toilet seat

Many people do not give credit to the number of hours we spend on a toilet seat every month. For a seat we’re naturally predisposed to use regularly, we pay little attention to its comfort. The good thing about these heated toilet seat feature is that it can be included as an upgrade to an existing toilet. Why should you consider an upgrade? Here are some of its benefits.

It’s all about the comfort

There’s hardly anyone who has used a heated toilet seat that would complain that it’s uncomfortable. It may take some time to get used to, especially since our brains are not used to associating heat with toilets, but it makes the experience comfortable. You no longer have to feel chills going to the toilet in middle of a cold winter night. What’s more? It comes with an adjustable temperature settings that allow you increase and reduce the temperature of the seat.

Relieves muscle tension

This is particularly good for people who have medical conditions that’s easily triggered by cold. Heat, naturally reduces discomfort by improving blood flow. A heated toilet seat does not just prevent muscle tension, but can bring soothing relieve to aches and pains.


Some of these heated toilet seats are powered by electricity. Before that scares you, they utilize minimal electricity and wouldn’t significantly increase your energy bills. Some of these heated toilet seats come with energy-saving options to further reduce energy consumption.

Easy to use

These heated toilet seats come with advanced features that make them smart seats. They often come with a remote control to give users total control of its settings. You really don’t need to be technologically savvy to use and operate one.

Beautiful design

While it delivers excellent heating abilities, it also makes your toilet seat look attractive. It also comes with different lighting options that allows you customize the seat to different colors. In the dark, you wouldn’t need to switch on the bathroom light to locate the toilet seat.

Affordable price

For most people, the most important benefit of any product is how affordable it is to their budget. Heated toilet seats are reasonably priced and wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket. With the right budget, you can have all the toilet seats in your home upgraded with a heated toilet seat.


Heated toilet seats not only makes your bathroom look beautiful, they offer comfort to your skin during the cold winter months. Those that come with smart features give users total control with a remote control. The heat temperature can be adjusted to deliver maximum comfort. Although it used electricity, it consumes less energy and is offered at an affordable price.

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