Whether you use a consumer or professional-grade power washer model, the hose is an essential part of the choice process. After all, put too much pressure in a weaker hose and you won’t be able to use it properly and might even risk an explosion. However, if the hose isn’t big enough, you will have to carry it to the place you want to clean.

Buying a durable and high-quality hose with sufficient length can save you a lot of trouble. The process of picking out the best hose is simple. The right choice will help you keep things more organized while also retaining the highest functionality.

So, keep in mind some of these key tips when you go hunting for a pressure washer hose. If you get the right one, it will be a Gear that works hard, so you don’t have to.


When deciding on a pressure washer hose, you need to think about why you need one first. The way you’re going to use the hose is very important. For instance, a consumer-grade level can wash simple soil but isn’t able to deal with concrete. In these cases, the best would be a medium to low range washer hose. For professional work, a high washer hose is a perfect option.


Figuring out the perfect length for your pressure washer hose is important too. However, you don’t have to worry too much about it because your purpose will let you know if you need a big or smaller hose.

For instance, in a small house, a 20 feet hose might be the best. But in a grand space, something like 50 feet will be the smartest option.

If wrapping is a problem for you, you might even consider buying a hose reel. They come in manual, electric, or tension types. With that, you can determine the desired level of comfort and security of a properly wrapped hose.


Because power washer hoses work with pressure, you need to pick the perfect diameter for yours. Both the electric and gas pressure hoses are made for home use. And because they operate at 3,400 PSI, they follow a ¼” diameter.

The professional ones, for business purposes, work with heavy pressure, 4,000 PSI or higher, and require a bigger diameter hose, about 5/16 inches.


Hoses usually come in 3 different materials: rubber, polyurethane, and ABS or PVC Plastic. Each one brings a variation in durability, flexibility, or even stiffness of the hose. Most of the hoses used for power washing come in PVC because it brings slender flexibility for the cleaning. Meanwhile, rubber items are very popular because they are adjustable. Depending on the chosen type, they can become more or less costly.

Connection Type

Because you’ll connect the hose to a machine, you need to know what is your connection type. After all, no one wants to buy a hose and learn that it doesn’t work with their machine.

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