Color markers don’t just produce strokes, but they help artists to communicate their sentiments. Colors are an essential aspect of an artist’s life; therefore, there should be no compromise.

Despite the countless opportunities, artists still strive for the best set of color markers. But Ohuhu markers society’s hot favorite product solves the riddle.

These markers are common among both beginners and professionals. But what makes Ohuhu so different? Today you’ll know the story.

Good Exterior to Prevent Slipping

Firstly, let’s see how the Ohuhu markers look on the outside. There are two tips, chiseled and brush end. The caps are squares with round corners to prevent the markers from slipping on your desk.

Besides that, Ohuhu markers ace the industry due to their resemblance to Copic markers.

Organizing Your Ohuhu Markers

Have you ever faced the decreasing count as markers roll off the desk and into some oblivion? Ohuhu has settled this issue intelligently by their zippered pack.

The markers come packed in a partitioned zippered bag, which is best for organizing and avoiding losing them.

The Incredible Color Range

Now comes something that attracts every artist. ohuhu markers set offers a tremendous range of up to 200 colors. Additionally, sets of 24, 36 80 pieces are also available. Hence, you get a marvelous collection at a fantastic price.

Kinds of Tips Ohuhu Markers Offer

It is also confusing to pick the right tip when selecting a marker set. There are two kinds of tips Ohuhu offers. The bullet tip and the brush tip.

Bullet tips help in small areas. In contrast, brush tips are suitable for working on large patches. However, it’s up to you to choose a suitable tip for your project.

Do Ohuhu Markers Have Good Durability And Ink?

As for durability, Ohuhu markers remain unmatched. They last longer and offer good blending as well. However, their durability depends upon use.

Loose caps and incorrect holding positions result in a shorter span. As for the ink supply, Ohuhu has earned the hearts of many artists. They don’t smudge and are vibrant of all kinds of papers. The ink barrels are good enough to provide brilliant colors for quite a while.

For an enhanced experience, keep the markers upside down. This will help reserve the impressiveness of drawing.

Types of Ink Ohuhu Markers Have

On the outer side, all colors may not have much difference. However, the actual difference lies on the inside. This kind of ink is what sets two coloring marks apart. Let’s see what types of Ohuhu markers you will find.

Markers with Oil-Based Ink

Oil-based markers have oil pigmented inks. However, they are fast-drying but don’t have the brilliance of the alcohol-based inks. Also, they are not suitable for all kinds of papers.

Markers with Water Inks

An enhanced version of school days watercolors, water-based inks don’t last much longer. Similar to watercolors, they are not quick-drying. But, they are washable and serve as an excellent gift for kids.

Markers with Alcohol-Based Inks

Now comes the best quality Ohuhu markers. Alcohol markers are famous for their excellent colors and permanency. Odorless, quick-drying with zero smudging. Alcohol-based Ohuhu markers are the top-selling product in the art society.

Comparing Notes on Ohuhu Markers

So, coming to the final verdict, Ohuhu markers are the best quality markers for their price. They aren’t refillable or have replaceable nibs like other expensive markers, but the overall quality is good. Moreover, they don’t smudge and work with a versatile range of papers.

If you are artistic, then giving Ohuhu markers a shot will end in an ultimate purchase!

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