Body wave hair is famous among women because of the multiple uses that it has. If you are a person that changes hairstyles frequently, body wave hair could be the best option for you. It allows you to do several things with your hair including, increasing the volume of your hair, straightening, making your hair wavier, coloring, to mention a few. Most importantly, it saves you the time and money you would spend searching for new hair every time you change your hairstyle.

Changing hair frequently is a ladies’ desire because maintaining one hairstyle for a long becomes monotonous. Nonetheless, changing the hairstyles is more expensive when you have to buy new hair every other time. Body wave hair saves you from the complex decision-making process that you would have gone through to select the best hair for yourself.

How much does a body wave cost?

Various stores would charge differently for a body wave hair. However, the average price of a body wave hair ranges between thirty dollars on the lower side and three hundred dollars on the higher side. Your preferred seller will be the best in this context to give you a good deal as the price fluctuates from one store to another.

Some factors will make the price of a body wave hair either go high or low. Such factors include but are not limited to the material used to make the body wave hair, the color, length, quality grade, and the components used to make the body wave hair. These factors relate to the cost of the body wave hair and might either raise or reduce the price.

Can you make body wave hair straight?

Yes, you can make body wave hair straight by using a mini-portable flat iron and a comb. First, you need to comb the body wave hair and ensure it does not have knots and flawless threads. Afterward, take a mini portable flat iron and grab a few strands of the body wave hair. Gently iron the curly body wave hair one strand after another until they are all straightened.

It would be best to complete one side of your body wave hair before you proceed to the next side. Using a systematic style to straighten your hair helps you to leave no hair strand untouched. Once done with straightening the body wave hair, you should consider using your preferred oil to make it greasy and smell nice.

How do you revive body wave hair?

Body wave hair can be styled differently, making it look old and full of knots. Therefore, you might want to revive it at some point and make the body waves look neat again. A deep conditioner is a great idea to help restore your body hair.

However, if you do not have a deep conditioner, a regular conditioner would still work. Soak the body waves in the conditioner and soak the wig for at least three hours. Let the wig dry naturally and comb it either while wearing it or you may place it on a dummy. When the wig is dried, you may use a wand or rod to curl it back to its original state.

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