Craftsman Style Entry Door Handle and Deadbolt

by Haidms

Amazon Description: “Haidms Black Front Door Handle and Deadbolt Set, Entry Door Handle and Deadbolt Set with Reversible Handle Lever, Front Door Lock Set, Front Door Handles and Locks 1 Pack

We LOVE this door handle and deadbolt set we got off Amazon!

The black color looks so clean, and the rectangular shape of the mounting plate compliments the door’s rectangular windows and molding. The moving parts of the handle and deadbolt feel smooth when opening the door while also feeling secure when the deadbolt is locked.

Installing the set onto the door was fairly easy. The only complicated part was that I had to drill a small hole through the door to mount the bottom of the door handle. Thankfully, the box the handle came in had a paper template that I aligned to the side of the door and marked where my drill should go. The whole installation took maybe 30 mins, so I definitely recommend this door handle and deadbolt set to anyone looking to add this craftsman aesthetic to their home.